Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"You are in Zapatista rebel territory. Here the people give the orders and the government obeys"

Before leaving Oaxaca I took a quick trip to San Cristobal de Casa, Chiapas. Chiapas is the southern most and most poor state of Mexico, as well as home to the Zapatistas. 
I arrived in San Cristobal super early after an 11 hour, night bus and since the city was still sleeping I visited most of the landmarks and cathedrals. By the time I arrived at the Santo Domingo market the city was in full swing.  San Cristobal is a very charming little city full of all different types of food, music and Zapatista info. The Zapatistas are an armed revolutionary 
group, the EZLN. The Zapatistas rose up in the mid 90's under the leader Subcomandate Marcos against the Mexican government, demanding the right to control their own native land of Chiapas.  Today, the Zapatistas exist as an autonomous group that claim that all they want is to be treated fairly as citizens and given freedom over their land. Beyond the Zapatistas, Chiapas is full of natural beauty, much more than can be seen in my two day venture. I did make it to the Canyon Sumidero in Chiapa de Corzo, where I took a boat tour of the wilderness. EEE, crocodile!

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