Monday, March 23, 2009

Save the Cool Stuff for When Visitors Come

A couple weekends ago my sister Diana came to visit me in Oaxaca City and we did all the tourist stuff that I had been holding out on. The Museo de Santo Domingo turns out to be an incredible building and huge museum that Diana and I could not have explored completely even if we had hours upon hours.
The following day we headed out to El Hierve el Agua. This is a geographical gem that is located about 2 hours outside of Oaxaca City. Being the non-lame tourists that we are, Diana and I decided to take a city bus followed by a caminoneta (truck with a little roof on the back).
 The journey was a bit bumpy and long, but totally worthwhile once we arrived. El Hierve el Agua looks like a waterfall in pictures, but there is no moving water. The waterfall formation is 
actually petrified mineral water that has flown over the edge of
 these little pools. The water bubbles to the surface very, very slowly and fills small pools until it petrifies, growing in altitude little by little. Pretty 
much a natural beauty out in the middle of nowhere...made for a great Sunday.

This is a picture of Elía, La Señora I lived with for a month, a very sweet lady. Below is a picture of the wall I painted, look closely I'm highlighting the line between the old dull white and the new vibrant white, courtesy of Emma.

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