Monday, December 8, 2008

Thanksgiving Abraod

For the third year in a row now I have spent my Thanksgiving vacation out of the United States of America. While that may seem unpatriotic to many, I have been bringing the US festivities with me on my travels.

The past years I have visited my sister; once in Barcelona and last year, in her new home of Mexico City. Both proved to be amazing places and I can't say I went to bed hungry on the last Thursday of November.

This year, I spent my thankful vacation in Guatemala with the Segovia family. With a bit of time in the sun...a bit in the city...and the fabulous wedding event, I was feeling very thankful overall. Thankful for my family back home, my sister; who has implemented the travel bug somewhere deep inside of me, and my stand in family the Segovia's, who did make me give thanks in spanish.