Monday, December 8, 2008

Thanksgiving Abraod

For the third year in a row now I have spent my Thanksgiving vacation out of the United States of America. While that may seem unpatriotic to many, I have been bringing the US festivities with me on my travels.

The past years I have visited my sister; once in Barcelona and last year, in her new home of Mexico City. Both proved to be amazing places and I can't say I went to bed hungry on the last Thursday of November.

This year, I spent my thankful vacation in Guatemala with the Segovia family. With a bit of time in the sun...a bit in the city...and the fabulous wedding event, I was feeling very thankful overall. Thankful for my family back home, my sister; who has implemented the travel bug somewhere deep inside of me, and my stand in family the Segovia's, who did make me give thanks in spanish.

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Shelley D said...

Emma, I think there is nothing more patriotic than to go and be in the world outside of the US. Congratulations on your graduation from CU. Meeting you and Diana today with Sherwood felt like being with family. Merry Christmas