Saturday, January 24, 2009

NYC; 42nd to 45th

NYC is full of exciting things to do and see, yet the process of selecting which activities you might do, where these happen to be located and how you will get to them or park once there, can be quite a challenge. Yesterday, I ventured into the city with my 89 year old grandma, who know here way around far better than I. Our main goal was to see a show and we managed to get two tickets to my grandma's top pick Billy Elliot. Once we had the tickets we had the afternoon to adventure around before our 8pm show. Our first thought was to check out the Moma a few blocks uptown, yet after checking out the line and parking situation we retreated to the theater district to park the car. It is quite lovely to drive into the city, with no traffic and avoid taking cabs, yet unless you plan to stay inside your car, it becomes a large burden. After checking all the parking rates in the area, we picked a rather shady looking one with a good deal, where they said we could keep the car till midnight if we wanted. So from around 8th adn 44th we headed out walking. Our first stop was the Public Library connected to Bryant Park. If you have never been there, it is a beautiful, historic building, definitely worth checking out. The exhibit at the Library wasn't so intriguing so next we headed over to 42nd St., to the International Museum of Photography.

The photography was great and we ended up having some tea and using their seating area for some rest time. At last, we walked back over to 45th to the Imperial Theater and saw Billy Elliot.

I thought the show was great, my grandma, who is a harder critic, gave it a B. The theater always amazes me and the ballet dancing was fabulous. All in all I think we accomplished a lot in a small radius of NYC.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Oaxaca here i come!