Thursday, February 12, 2009

Puerto Escondido

After traveling for most on Wednesday, I arrived in Puerto! It actually isn't located far from Oaxaca City, it's just that you have to cross over some Mountains and the road is slow and curvy. I was prepared for the worst, after hearing people talk of the van ride to the coast, but somehow I lucked out and was assigned the front seat. No one talked in the van and we listed to slow romantic spanish music, which I could completely understand...generally along the lines of "i love you" or "i'm sorry", followed by a little Calle 13 to spice it up. 

Anyway, I arrived and called Sheila, my distant relative that I'd never met, and she came right to the bus station to pick me up. At least in the darkness Puerto kind of reminded me of Long Beach Island, or something along those lines, and we promtly ate some shrimp tacos and went back to the house. Sheila, who I've just started calling my aunt because that is much easier in spanish than my dad's first cousin once removed... lives on the same street as the lighthouse and within walking distance to a couple of beaches. She turns out to be a very cool lady and has a renter, una chilanga, from Mexico City, who works in tourism here and is really setting me up. Anyway, so far so good in Puerto...

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