Friday, February 6, 2009

Oaxaca at First Glance

I MADE IT! I finally left Boulder and I'm now in Oaxaca City, Oaxaca. I'm staying at a super chill hostel, La Casa de Don Pablo and enjoying the sunshine. On my first day of exploring I found myself at the Santo Domingo Cathedral. It's this huge beautiful cathedral with a park the size of a city block attached to the back. Upon wandering in, I was asked to pay, bummer, but really what I didn't realize was that I was getting the complete tour of the botanical garden, which turned out to be really interesting...yep, el flor de marzo is one of the indredients of Channel's no.5, among other more medicenal purposes of most of the other plants. Beyond that, I enjoyed some coffee in the Zocalo, where there seems to be an everprescence, but not always visable, peruvian style flute band.

Today, Day 2, for those keeping track... I headed out this morning to see Los Arcquitos. Los Arcquitos (little arcs), turned out to be, eh, this street lined with little arcs, who could have guessed. Anyway, more importantly, on my way to Los Arcquitos I found myself at this little 
organic farmers market deal and had quite possibly the best toastada of my life. I was pretty hungry, but anywho, this toastada consisted of a crisp tortilla with jalapinllo flavored cheese, 
my favorite type of beans and some sauteed vegtables on top.  This meal really started me off on a day of great eating!

Between this market and my hostel I explored a gra
phic art school that had some exhibits and a librarty. I saw some great artwork in the making. Next, I went to the Casa de La Ciudad which had some excellent art as well. This picture is a photographic floor of Oaxaca, aerial style...
 For dinner I had chicken mole, black mole, oaxaca style, with a glass of wine over looking the Zocalo and a free concert. I didn't realize at the time that the restaurant was so swanky, and cost a little more than my hostel stay for the night, but definitely the best mole of my life, well worth it.

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igetzit said...


I'm happy that you made it safe and sound. I'm hungry for a tostada now, and for travel!

Sorry I couldn't respond today, I was so busy and saw your chat way too late.

Patiently awaiting the next post...