Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Say YES to Michigan

Although it is not a common traveler destination, Michigan has a lot to offer. From Detroit's ethnic food options to the Great Lakes, Michigan is a well kept secret. I have to say it takes a bit of an effort. I have called Michigan home for the past 20 years or so, and until recent visitors came I was completely unaware of all the mitten has to explore.

Let's start in Detroit. I have always regarded downtown Detroit as a scary place, only worthy of providing sports games and concerts. Yet, La Petit Zinc café is a perfect of example of my error. This cute little café serves up sweet and savory crepes alongside Izze beverages. After eating, you can head to Riverside Drive and rent cruiser bikes for some shoreline pedaling at Wheelhouse Detroit. If all the biking tires you out, The Old Miami, a spunky bar, has a lovely backyard garden and old beer to offer. If you want to venture a little bit further, Hamtramic is famous for it's Polish food and ethnic restaurants.
After exploring the city life, Grand Haven, Port Austin and Harsen's Island all offer relaxing waterside destinations. Grand Haven is a typical Lake Michigan "Up North" town offering a sandy beach and great architecture in it's homes. It is also conveniently located near to some sand dunes, where varying companies will rent you a Jeep or dune buggy to whip around on.

Port Austin, located on the tip of the thumb of Michigan, is a very quiet town with kayaking, biking and put-put galore. The local farmer's market sells everything from Michigan cherry's to handcrafts and kittens. Then there is Harsen's Island, which is the closest to the Metro-Detroit area, offering a huge bay and shallow water, perfect conditions for some kiteboarding sessions. Guilty plug; don't forget you kiteboarding PUMP. Arriving on the car ferry to Harsen's instantly removes you from your day-to-day life and transports you to the small town summer atmosphere, where stress in really unnecessary. This picture below is of an amphibian car that we watched drive right into the water, which a small plane was also water landing nearby, pretty cool toys.

So, I say YES to MI!


Ingrid said...

Oh - Michigan! I have to say that posts like this make me miss it. Hope you're having a wonderful fall and enjoy the cherry season.

Now come to CO!

Carlie said...

:) it was lovely having you back in the mitten for a while, glad you had fun and rediscovered how awesome our home state/city is!! xoxo

Mandy said...

yay this makes me happy :)