Thursday, July 9, 2009

Shucos & Mj

If hot dogs are American than shucos is what Guatemala has to offer....and if the two were to battle I might have to say that shucos would win. Yesterday I tried my first shuco in Guatemala City. You just drive to the city block full of shucos in Zone 4 and these dudes race to be the first one to your car to offer you their shuco. The shuco can be with hot dog meat, or sausage and then it comes with guacamole, mayo, sour crout and a bun, all for about Q5 (roughly 50 cents).

While you are waiting for the shucos to arrive locals vendors will approach the car and try to sell you just about anything. We were lucky enough to score a full Micheal Jackson dvd of videos and performances, along with a giant size Kung Fu Panda if the shucos weren't enough.

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