Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Earth Lodge Guatemala

I recently had the chance to explore Earth Lodge, Guatemala; a collection of cabins and treehouses just outside Antigua, and I only wish I had stayed longer. To arrive at the Earth Lodge one must walk down a steep dirt trail of about 30m. The mini-trek wasn't challenging, but it definitely deters guests from excessive, or rolling luggage. The whole lodge site was very quite, especially because the owners told us they we at full capacity of 20 guests that night. After checking out the main dinning/ drinking area and view of city lights below, we headed to our cabin. The cabin was a small A-frame tree house that looked directly out, over the spectacular view, well equipt with clean sheets and tons of blankets.

The next day we headed out on a little hike around the area, with a map of landmarks provided by Earth Lodge. We hiked about an hour through jungle and coffee farms, although somewhere between the flower garden and the log crossing we lost orientation and ended up retracing our steps back. The hike wasn't overly difficult but just perfect to break a sweat and take in the views of Antigua below.

Overall, the Earth Lodge gets five starts in my book, it would be the perfect place to spend a week with a companion and a great book.

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Ingrid said...

Sounds wonderful - would love to see pics!