Monday, May 18, 2009

Rodrigo Rosenberg Scandal

I can not comment on the prestige of Guatemala's elected government before Rodrigo Rosenberg's videos were released, but now President Colom and his crew have themselves in quite a pickle.

About a week ago, after his murder and funeral, Rodrigo Rosenberg's self-recorded videos were released. These videos very directly explain that the victim was murdered on behalf of President Colom, his wife and a few other important officials. Rodrigo reveals the dirty business of money laundering that the government is participating in and also that his knowledge of this is directly why he has been murdered. The video's can be found here;

The video is not vague at all, as Rodrigo reveals facts, names and dates. Guatemala is NOT ignoring his message. A few smaller protests last week led up to last Sunday's protest of 30,000. The groups were distinguished by those wearing white shirts, against the Colom regime and a group in support of the current government. The two groups were separate and non-violent. 

The group in support of the government was mainly comprised of lower income level citizens. It is more than speculative that these supporters are being bused into the city, provided signs and incentives, by the government itself . The government appears to be using the easily won support of the poor and dividing the country further by class. 

Guatemala outside of the capital continues daily life with an increased awareness of news, hope that something will take place and the ppropriate persons will be held accountable.

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